Monday, August 6, 2012

{Giveaway}What would YOU do with 1 million dollars?

There are a few things on my mind as I sit down to type this post:

1. I hope my oatmeal cookie creation that is currently in the oven "pans" out
yep, I made a joke
2. I do not understand the Olympic sport of "cycling sprint"

3. I am in a giving mood. How lucky for all of you!
so lets make you all run pretty (or handsome)

 Three weeks ago my friends at ArmPocket sent me this little beauty to use in my 10k training.
We have been pretty much inseparable ever since, and it's not only because she is pink and black.

This little diddy has definitely improved my run.
I do not fidget with my phone, nor does it move while I flail my arms through the air as if I was practicing ballet rather than running.

The strap is made of memory foam, which makes my right arm feel like a cloud is attached to it.
Making the left arm jealous.

The zip pocket holds credit cards, gels, medals.
Whoops sorry Olympics distracted me.
 But it is big enough to hold much more then you will need on your run through the neighborhood.

So now that I have gushed over this product, I have to break the news that I will NOT be giving one of these away.

Instead I am giving away a years supply of SPAM!


I am giving away an armpocket to ONE lucky winner!

Here is how you enter:
Follow @armpocket on twitter and say "I want to win an @armpocket from @juskeepsweating, so I can run in style!"

 Leave a comment below telling me what you would do with 1 million dollars.

I will be picking a winner on SATURDAY AUGUST 11th.

Good Luck!


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