Monday, July 23, 2012

No plans = Adventures & Memories

I LOVE the feeling of having absolutely no plans on the weekend.
Besides my workouts, but you all knew that already.


I made myself some S'more oats for pre-workout breakfast. But I decided to take a walk on the wildside and make them in the oven.

They were delicious. I ate them quick because I had a very important date with TWO men.

I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful fall-ish weather and walk the boys before heading to Interval Training for my own workout.

Class was great. We did three blocks of HIIT cardio broken up with 2 rounds of weights (1 arm block, 1 leg block) and ended with abs.
It was 75 minutes of pure sweat.

Everyone LOVED my "secret message" tank. 
I have my eye on this one next.
Donations are always accepted in the sweaty house ;)

After the gym I came home, showered and cleaned up...waiting (as usual) for Eddie to wake up.
We had no plans for the day but the weather was perfect so I suggested hopping in the car for an adventure.

First stop was the Blue Point brewery.
I accidentally broke Eddie's favorite glass a few weeks back when I was cleaning (this is one reason why I avoid cleaning...things break) so I thought today would be the day for a new one.

Or TWO in his case...lucky guy that Eddie.

After that we were both starving so we went on a lunch date.

I had the santa fe salad with grilled chicken.

It was glorious.

Stop #3 was the Great South Bay Brewery.
or so we thought
When we finally found the place, we discovered the tasting room wasn't open yet.

food store find!!

Instead we decided on an impromptu BBQ with my cousin who just came back from Peru
....see what I did there? I rhymed, go me--go me--go me...

 Eddie made BBQ smoked chicken breast and I made the sides

While enjoying a blueberry blonde ale, which just may be my new favorite.

We ended the night with UFC, I feel asleep during the preliminary rounds--typical grandma...but it was a long day!


I woke up around 6:30, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on the day.
For the first time in I don't even know how long I decided to take the 30 minute weight class before kickboxing.
Gina and Lauren were there too so that always helps.

After my 90 minute sweat session I treated myself to a shake.
Chocolate soy protein powder, pb and soy milk.

Then I went to target to buy myself two 8 lb. dumbbells for my NTC workouts.
But we all know you don't just get ONE thing in Target, no matter how hard you try.

I ended up with 2 dog toys, pink pj pants(an obvious need), the Blind Side on DVD ($5!!) and the weights.

Max LOVED his new toy

 The weather was beautiful again, so the boys and I went for another 30 minute walk.

Chance pulled his typical move.
He's laying down on someones lawn, just in case you couldn't tell already.
After the walk I came home, showered, put on my new pink pants and got some schoolwork done.

I attempted a nap, but usual.

I decided to make some clean cookie dough to enjoy while watching the Teen Choice Awards.
Yea, I said it.
I am still 14 at heart..let me be.

All in all, a great weekend.

PS- I haven't tried my new running sneakers out yet, but plan to on Tuesday night, so I will let you all know how we do!
PPS- ENTER MY BLENDER BOTTLE GIVEAWAY, It closes tomorrow night.


  1. all in all an AWESOME weekend.
    I was just saying to the husband Ive not been to Target in ... a year? I used to go all the time and seriously was thisclose to nickel and diming us to poverty :-)

  2. Great weekend you had!

    Orange looks amazing on you!

    Cute pups :)

    And, ummm, Coconut M&Ms?! I've never seen that before!

  3. I love Target, but I have the same problem, even if I'm going in for one thing I should just get a cart when I walk in because I'm going to end up needing it.

  4. sounds like a fun weekend! I love when there's nothing to do!

  5. Well that looks like just about the perfect weekend to me! And good weather on top of it--lucky you!

  6. Where is Blue Point? we need to go. Have you been to Brooklyn or Sixpoint brewery in Bklyn? You'd love it.

  7. It sounds like you had a great weekend, and I love that you were still able to get all of your workouts in!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend!!!! And I LOVE the shirts!!!!

  9. your comment about waiting for eddie to wake up was too funny. men can sleep for freaking ever!!! how is this possible?! haha

    sounds like a fun weekend! I love your view sport top!! I ordered three this weekend (i know... who needs 3?!) so excited for the first 2 to get here soon... itll be torture waiting until august for the last one.