Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am an innovator of sorts

Hey Monday... I OWNED you.

I started the day off with making TWO new tanks in the Sweaty Shop
They come in coral, royal blue and heather grey.
I've ordered one of each already out of excitement.

While I was playing inventor I decided  to share this idea with all of you:

and it was quite the hit on Instagram

Use travel size shampoo bottles for salad dressing when you're packing your lunch. Perfect for portion control AND it's better than taking the entire bottle.

train diva approved

After work I came home and got right to work editing my new recipe video

I'll be posting the recipe/directions later today for your printing pleasure.

 Remember the chicken recipe I was making from sweatinguntilhappy.com?

It was better than I had expected. I paired it with half of an avocado and salsa as a side/

Then this happened

2 containers of plain chobani
4 packets of truvia/stevia
2T cocoa powder
splash of vanilla almond milk

Combine all ingredients and whip with a hand mixer.
Spoon into cored strawberries.
Die of happiness.
(okay don't do that part)

this page

All in all a super successful Monday...I should take advantage of my rest days more often.


  1. Brilliant idea about the salad dressing!

  2. Strawberries and Chobani = AWESOME! Can't wait to try your recipe!

    1. my mom and I were both like...omg is this legal!?

  3. Those strawberries sound amazing! I want to make some tonight!

  4. Love your shirts! I got some made for fun a few months ago! I love getting creative like that :)

    Strawberries and GY...sooo good and refreshing!

    1. thank you! I do too, I make them mostly for myself but I love that people are buying them and spreading the sweat!

  5. Way to make Monday your Bitch! You go girl! You need a shirt that makes I own this run....rock it sister! Love what you do!

  6. Awesome shirts! LOVE it!

    And the strawberry idea - brilliant!