Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 things to avoid in group fitness classes

Since it's only Tuesday, this picture is appropriate for us all.

A few weeks ago one of my favorite blends (blogger-friend, for those of you who may not be in the know) asked me to do a guest post over on their page.


Not only did I feel honored but I was shocked.

I'm still shocked at how many people follow me in general

SO with that being said please hop on over to visit Pavement Runner's page and learn my TOP 5 fitness class etiquette tips.

I am one classy lady so you know I have some tips even the Queen would approve of.

I will be back tomorrow with TWO new recipes and a recap of my first run in my brooks!

Here's a vlog teaser:

ALSO let me know how you feel about me participating in VEDA. 


Mindy Bobe said...

Soo glad the Brooks are working for you! Yay for great runs!!! And sure...do VEDA..I will watch! :-)

Lisa@RunWiki said...

I run in Brooks as well!! loved your Vlog... the length was perfect and you are adorable, for sure do VEDA!

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

aw thank you! I love the brooks, I don't think I'll ever try any other sneaker! My weekend vlogs would probably be longer because I'll share fun things i'm doing all day long--like my own reality show haha!

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

oh yay! So happy people actually WANT to see me as well as read me lol, I think the weekday ones will be super short but maybe the weekend ones will be longer? Kind of like different snippets throughout the day? who knows

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

So glad you found shoes that are working for you! It definitely takes a little trial and error sometimes. I have some Brooks I love, too. I missed the post on Pavement Runner, heading over there!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

super fun! pavement runner is a great site and love that now more people know you!!

Paige @ your trainer paige said...

Congrats, girl!
I think I am also going to VEDA :)

flighttorun said...

I can't wait to switch back to Brooks! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE VEDA!!! :) Love your tips! You are so awesome!

Patty said...

Hi there new follower here.

Glad you enjoyed your run. I'm recovering from surgery but looking forward to get back to working out hopefully by FitBloggin. Looking forward to meeting you there.

jessielovestorun said...

So happy your shoes are working out for you girl! Oh & I love the picture you chose for todays post. Way too adorable.

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