Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Declaring MY Independence

Happy 4th of July Sweaties!

It is currently raining here in NY, so it looks like I'll be taking FULL advantage of sales in the mall...rather then roasting on the beach.

Last night I was laying in bed, nauseous, as I have been the past few nights.
It is a direct connection to my poor food choices.
My clean eating has been slipping the past few months. 
Not only can I see a difference but I feel it.

I'm pissed.

I work my butt off, literally, in the gym 5-6x a week.
I shouldn't come home and have things like this

 (even if it's once a week, it's too much)
I need to be mindful of my choices.

Today I am declaring my independence from food that does not fuel my body.

 From July-December I will be posting pictures on the 4th to track my progress and remind myself of my declaration

(p.s as I am typing this, there is a news segment about the Nathan's hot dog contest on Cony Island maybe I'm not SO bad)

I will be bringing my focus back to eating clean 95% of the time.
(alcohol is the other 5%...I like to have a good time)

Fitbloggin is in a little over 2 months and I plan on losing at least 10lbs before then.

What are you declaring your independence from today?



  1. I will see you at FITBLOGGIN!!!
    and Im declaring independence (again) from all the SHOULDS in my life and focusing a bit more on me.

  2. I realized in my journey to health that it takes mishaps and realizations like yours to commit to a clean eating lifestyle! You are lucky to figure that one out, most people never do! I also think of it this way... before I started eating clean everything effected my system the same. Atleast now I can actually FEEL what the bad stuff does to me! Let the inspiration you give to others fuel you, not crappy foods! I love following your blog!

    I have dedicated my life to clean eating and have recently started a new blog dedicated to healthy recipes and tips! Are you an IIN student?

    Just keep sweating!

    1. Hi Taryn! I LOVE the idea of letting me being an inspiration to others fuel me...not crappy food. I have NEVER thought of that! I know people say they follow me but it is something I truly find difficult to believe. Thank you SO much for that. I AM an IIN student :) May 2012 class...


    2. Im a May 2012 student too!!! Woohoo! I am so behind in health histories... we HAVE to connect!!

  3. Great post! I will see you at Fitbloggin!

    n girl you are so not alone. i need to be more mindful of what I eat. I definitely learned that this weekend. Its amazing how after a weekend of drinking my body weight in wine, i still felt fabulous each morning because I was EATING WELL and balancing the heavy wine drinking (haha. still dont recommend drinking that much all weekend.)

    then it was time to go home and i was stuck in an airport with airport food. then stuck at home with a box of pizza my fiance had ordered earlier.. ZERO wine and woke up feeling like death.

    funny how that works isnt it?!

  5. You got this Carlyn!! I know you will stick to it and stay committed!! We work too hard in the gym to just ruin it by a not such a good choice-meal! We have to remind ourselves everyday of our health and fitness goals! You got this :)

  6. Go you! And I know about having cereal after a perfect day (with diet and workout) - it's been done and I admit I'm addicted. I try to stick to those treats on just Sunday, but sometimes they creep in and I let it be okayl :)