Thursday, June 21, 2012

You don't need a gym to SWEAT!

Lets face the facts, gym memberships are EXPENSIVE.
With the economy and job market the way it is today, it makes it harder to afford things that aren't in the "budget."

Does that mean you shouldn't workout?

Absolutely not.

You do not need a gym to workout.
You do not need a gym to get in shape.

Some of the BEST workouts can be done FOR FREE at HOME!

Here are some sweaty approved circuits from some of my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors

Without weights:


Here is one of my own!

With weights:

And another one of my own!

Which of these are YOU going to try?


hiker mom said...

All of them! Thanks for all the great ideas:) I do have a gym membership, but sometimes would just rather work out at home:)

PavementRunner said...

Those are some intense workouts... I havent been inside of a gym in over 2 years. Yep. My gym is the road, street, trail, and/or living room. It's where ever you want it to be. Great post and super duper workout lists!

Taylor said...

Oh my goodness I am totally bookmarking this post! These workouts look AMAZING! I feel like I am always asking for circuit workouts on Twitter and this will definitely supply me for a while... thanks girl :)

Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run said...

These look awesome! I'll have to save them for when I have more room! We just agreed to buy my parents' home, so I'll finally have a huge living room to get ish done!

Meredith @ Dare You To said...

FANTASTIC roundup , thanks!

Charissa said...

Stellar workouts! Thanks for sharing! said...

That is right - I don't need a gym! Thanks for the helping finding new workouts!!!

Koko said...

Bookmarked!! This is a great compilation- thank you!!

Alysia @ Slim Sanity said...

I love circuit workouts at home. I often prefer them to the gym!

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