Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's that girl in the bright colored jacket?

 I treat my workout outfits just as I would my work/play/going out outfits.
I LOVE looking good in the gym, even when I am a sweaty mess, so when activewearusa asked me if I'd be interested in picking out a piece of clothing from their Margarita line I could not resist!

I was SO excited because all of the pieces are bright and fun, it was actually difficult for me to choose...until I saw the swatch jacket

The first thing that drew me to this jacket was the bright colors, I love how they can be shown off but also hidden if the jacket is zipped up. The hood is also great because none of my other workout clothes have hoods, and if you're running to the store right from a gym class you may want to hide your hair.

putting it to the test with the endless rope machine

It has been unseasonably cold the past few days here in NY so I have actually been able to wear it and I have fallen in love! The material is thick, but breathable AND it has "sweat" wicking material so it keeps you dry, which is a big plus for me!

I have 2 small issues with this jacket:
1. No pockets, which is not important while working out but it's nice to for going to/from the gym or running errands
2. No thumb holes... this is not a big deal at all but again, I am someone who LOVES thumb holes in clothes.

I review the jacket further in my latest vlog with Lauren

I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Activewear USA for this opportunity, I love love love this jacket. I will be getting a lot of use out of it, it's even coming with me to Power X tonight!

What is your favorite piece of workout clothing?
Which would you have picked from the line?


  1. Fantastic post.. that jacket rocks when it's open and the colors are FLYING!

    1. isn't it so fun? I really love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a FUN jacket! I do agree with you though about the pockets. I have to have pockets! My favorite piece of clothing in this line would have to be this top, I LOVE the back and it would be perfect for running or my barre classes.

    1. I am such a weirdo about things like pockets and thumb holes..but I guess since I'm not alone im not that crazy! LOVE that top!

  3. That is SOOO cute! Love it so much!