Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweaty Summer Essentials!

It is 90 degrees here in NYC, the first day of summer has truly arrived!

With a new season, comes new essentials. Here are a few of my favorites:

If you moust, you moust- OPI

This is the perfect summer pink polish, don't you agree!?

These chapsticks don't only look adorable, they taste/smell good AND have an SPF of 20! Perfect for the beach or outdoor workouts!

My new Nike Free 5.0 sneakers, I was able to use them for the first time last night and LOVED them. They have the perfect support for my bad ankle and were able to transition from treadmill to rubber floor without an issue. I have found that with other sneakers I cannot use them on carpet/outdoor/wood floor, but these may be the perfect solution!

 I have been listening to these jams non-stop! I may need to make a second playlist soon because I have a bunch of new tunes to share...would you like that?


I like to change up my drinks of choice from time to time but these are my tried and true flavored favorites. Though nothing beats a glass of ice cold H20!

and last but not DEFINITELY not least, FRO-YO
I am addicted to this stuff
and when I go, my toppings aren't the healthiest
everything in moderation!

What are YOUR summer essentials!?


  1. first off.. i drink ALL of the same drinks, just haven't tries the chia one! sounds good though, i think ill have to go buy it. second, I have the same chapstick!! The pink one, comes out really pinK!!! :)

  2. Love that OPI! Great color!

  3. um i love everything in this post! coconut water, opi nail polish, froyo! and i always always always say moderation is key!!

  4. Very cute shoes! and I'm with ya on the fro yo :)