Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweat It Out

You know how people are always saying that when your sick you should just 
"sweat it out"

Well I just attempted that in Kickboxing and it was tough.

My lungs basically forgot how to function and my nose was as stuffed as thanksgiving turkey.
Did I paint you a pretty picture?

 before kickboxing

Thankfully I wasn't alone.
I mean I RARELY workout alone thanks to the gym rats.

But my mom was there tonight (and sister too, we kicked actually next to each other) and working out with her just makes it that much more fun.

She even vlogged with me!
Don't you love her!

after kickboxing

Do you "sweat it out" when your sick?


  1. Cuuute! Love that she joined you and joined in the vlog! 542 cals--dang. What a workout!

    If I'm sick I don't normally over-push or sweat it out necessarily. I'd stretch and walk to keep moving and such, get blood flowing. But hope your cold goes away!

    1. Isn't she so cute, she is awesome at the workouts we do and they are NOT easy in any sense of the word. Our instructor is the best and always offers modification if needed but mom keeps up!

  2. Way to go, mom! :D

    I wish my mom was nearby! I would have her joining me in my workouts on a pretty regular basis. She needs the stress relief, that's for sure.

    And yes...I try to sweat it out when I'm sick. :) I always feel "cleansed" afterward.

    1. Yea working out seemed to help me feel somewhat better today. I think EVERYONE should workout with their mom, especially something that involves kicking and punching... great stress relief

  3. Ahh, your mom is cute (I say that though she's probably younger than me!). How nice that you have your mom for a workout partner.

    1. I bet she isn't! But thank you :) it makes working out 3x more fun <3