Saturday, June 9, 2012


Since I have seem to have been bitten by the "racebug," I thought making a scrapbook RaceBook of memories would be a fun idea!

I found this scrapbook on clearance at Target for $7.48!
Don't worry the graduation page comes right out, so it was a real steal.

Since Michael's craft store was right next store, Eddie and I hopped on over to check out their goodies.

I got all of this for only $19.95!

 Now all I need to do is print out pictures from my first two 5k's and I can start :)

I use my blog as a way to document my everyday life, but I think that having a racebook will be something I can look through as well as pass on in the future, if I wanted.
I'm really excited to start my latest project, and share the process with all of you!

Do you scrapbook?


  1. I love this idea too! I have all my race bibs/medals stuffed in a drawer in a filing cabinet. Hmmm, maybe this is a better way? ;-)

  2. My racing mementos are scattered everywhere... what a great idea to record your races this way!

  3. oh how fun!! such a good idea. I've been tossing around making a bag out of my bibs but then what would I do with the rest of the bibs I get later?! THIS is brilliant. might steal this idea ;)

  4. I've been wanting to do this! It's one of those, "Oh, when I have more time things." I even want to make collage pages of motivational quotes, pix, and stories that inspire me to get up on days I might not be feeling it. I'd love to see pix of your pages as you make them. :)

  5. A race book is a great idea and I've always wanted to make one! Love your bog, so glad I found it!