Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Keep...RUNNING!?

In honor of National Running Day 
Officially loosing my mind thanks to the help of my fellow "Gym Rats"

I just registered for my FIRST 10k.


The girl who loathes running and has only run two 5ks in her lifetime is running a 10k in just over 2 months

This is totally normal, right?

 On Sunday August 19th I will be running the "Dirty Sock Run" in my hometown. 
I am a bundle of nerves already, BUT this will push me to train. My only goal is to finish, even if that means walking some of the way.

Later today I am also registering for the NYC Color Run 5K

Here's a little fun fact... These races are within 6 days of each other! 
Looks like I will be doing a lot of running between now and August!

If ANYONE has any training programs for a 10k please please please let me kno!

Are you registered for any runs this summer?
Do you think I've gone crazy?


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