Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heart Rate Monitor 101

 this one was from this past weekend

Ever since I started posting pictures of myself showing my calorie burns I have been getting asked a bunch of questions.
I thought it would be easiest for me to answer them on here, and if you still need help please feel free to e-mail me!

1. What kind of watch is that?
It's a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor

2. What does it do?
It tracks how long my workout is and how many calories I burn during it.

3. How does it do that?
When you set up your monitor you plug in your height/weight/sex/age and it calculates the burn off of that. 
It also gives you your "fat burning zone", which is where your heart rate should stay to target fat burn.
For example mine is :126-168.

4. How does it track your heart rate?
In addition to wearing the watch, you will also wear a chest strap. 
Make sure your HRM has one of these, otherwise the product is useless.

  5. How much was it and where did you buy it?
 I purchased mine off of amazon and it was $70, which is a STEAL.

I LOVE knowing what I am burning in my classes or on my runs. I don't count the calories I am eating, but I eat clean 85% of the time (stuff happens, I'm human AND I love ice cream) and I find my HRM keeps me on track.

Last week was my first full week using this again and I tracked 4,022 calories burned in 5 days of workouts!
If nothing else, it is a motivating tool.

Hope this helps!


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