Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap 5/4-5/6!

It's Monday again, which means I have a weekend recap to share with all of you! But first, I have a new motivational back round I wanted to share:


Lauren and I hit the gym for our 5 am workout and we really kicked our own booties!
We started out with ZWOW #16 and got through 2 rounds in 20 minutes.

 It was TOUGH. However, we wanted to keep the sweat going and had some time before we needed to get ready for work so we did 1 round of this:

workout from Thanks Carissa!

We left the gym sweaty, and tired but feeling accomplished!

My hydration of choice for the day (and pretty much everyday)

I got an email from Zinio before leaving the house saying the new Clean Eating magazine was ready to download which made me a very happy lady

Fridays are always crazy at the office and we can barely get out for lunch, so we order. This is always tough for me because you have to really study the menu to make a good choice. However, I came across a delicious salad that was perfect for me: Chicken, walnuts, green apples, dried cranberries over romaine with balsamic

After work I hit Old Navy for some new workout clothes most of my pants fall off of me at this point AND I am attending Fitness Magazines Meet & Tweet on Wednesday, I thought a new outfit was necessary!


After 6 long weeks it was time to get back into the gym for JUMP AND DRILL! I was SO excited, I say it all the time but this is my favorite class at the gym. I love kicking, punching, and sweating so it covers all the bases for me!

I wore some of my new workout clothes too!
Tank and Jacket from Old Navy

I noticed such a difference in my workout from all of the new circuits I have been doing. My push ups have improved SO much and I was able to do 75 on my toes and then finished the last 25 on my knees. My kicks and punches felt stronger as well, but that may have been from excitement ;)

I finally had the time to get my ring re-sized on Saturday and the jeweler was able to do it all it one day. My ring was originally a size 7 1/2, however after all of my weight loss I am down to a 6! Crazy right?

Lauren and I before we hit the town!

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Cinco De Mayo AND Lauren's birthday! It was a great time, we danced, and drank coronas... I think I had about 4 too many haha.

Lauren, Eddie and their 'staches


I woke up with a pretty bad hangover. I guess that's what happens when you don't drink that often and then party like a Rock Star.

The weather was beautiful so mom and I decided to get our sweat on together outside. I went on Pinterest to find some circuits for us... they were brutal.
 The No Nonsense Circuit is from and the Jump Rope N' Abs circuit is from fellow FitFluential Ambassador

My mom is recovering from a sprained hip but she kept up with me and only modified each workout slightly. Best part? We had so much fun working out together, she may be my favorite workout buddy...aside from Lauren, I guess ;)

 Post workout, the sun was in my eyes so excuse the not so pleasant look!

Post workout I made us each our favorite drinks:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate Zico. I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff! I just put my protein powder directly into the bottle, add a T of PB2 and it's like drinking a Reese's peanut butter cup!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. Aside from the hangover, it sounds like you had a great weekend! And that you got your booty out the door to workout with your mom makes you even more inspiring! Rock on. :)

    1. I did! She takes almost all of the same fitness classes as I do and since we are living together right now it's an easy way to motivate each other! Thank you <333

  2. i love those mustache bottles!!

    Sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend!! :)

  3. Rock star weekend! I also doubled up on my workouts this weekend. I typically only run Saturday, but decided to have a fun run Sunday as well.

    And FYI, those bottles with the mustache on top: Classic.

  4. I really have to try protein powder, I've just been working out like a crazy person w.o anything..

    I really enjoy following u on instagram, keep up the awesome work.

    Melissa aka mel91284