Monday, May 21, 2012


  " If I was rich I would hire a personal chef and a personal trainer,that way I would never have to worry about what I eat and  I would never get fat."

Have you ever heard someone say this, or said something along these lines yourself?

I mean yeah it would be GREAT to have a personal chef, I wouldn't mind it myself.
Even though I kind of do..thanks to an amazing fiance and awesome mom!

And I would love to have a trainer who could push me to my limits every day,
along with the time to do it

However, just because someone may have all the tools doesn't mean they would actually use them.

For instance, Jonah Hill.

He lost 40 pounds last year and looked as if he was taking the right steps to a healthier lifestyle.

But this past weekend he was seen out and about, and it appears he has gained some of the weight back.

What about Kirstie Alley?

She is the queen of  yo-yo dieting/weight loss. Most recently she has been able to keep the weight she lost on Dancing with the Stars off, maybe she finally figured out a healthy balance?

The point I am trying to make here is even the richest or most famous people out there have their own issues with weight loss. Like most of us, they look for a quick fix(no carbs or working out for endless amounts on hours on little calories)...yes, this will provide you with results, but they will not last forever.

Instead you should:
-Take the time to educate yourself on proper nutrition and exercise. 
-Design a program that works for YOU and stick to it
-Whether it takes you 6 months or 5  years to get to your goal, that isn't nearly as important as HOW you got there.

Your journey should not focus on how much weight/body fat you can lose, but how much you can learn from it.


  1. Love this post - so true. No excuses! Although it would be pretty cool if I could get my hubby to cook some days... :)

  2. No lie I'd still take a personal chef :)

  3. Yep, good point. Money certainly makes healthy eating and fitness easier, just like it makes most things in life 'easier', but even without your own chef or trainer, change is ALWAYS possible with the right motivation and effort. It's within our reach

  4. Great post!! And you are so right!