Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Me VS Boot Camp

Today I had to repeat the words 
Just Keep Sweating
to myself, several times during my workout.

I wanted NOTHING to do with my 5 am workout this morning.... I was so tired and overly sluggish but I pushed myself to go because I knew I'd be glad I did once it was over.

Bootcamp was brutal... it was more than brutal I just can't think of the right word to describe it at the moment.

We started slow with bicycle crunches and push ups, then quickly moved into jumping jacks and jump squats.
Which turned into walking lunges across the room--no breaks--6 times, followed by jump squats across the room.
I made it twice and bailed on the third round, my heart rate was legs were burning and I was tired.
 After all of that it was wall sit time. I have no idea how long we did them but it felt like an eternity especially after what we had just put our legs through. 

 Then it was back to moving across the room, I chose to take myself outside the room because it was so crowded and do the moves there. This time around we did crawls one way , getting as low to the ground as possible without touching and then crab walked backwards on the way back.

By this point there was sweat in my eyes, my arms were shaking AND my legs felt heavy and tired. 
I wanted to just quit. 
But I said to way, just keep sweating.

If I had known that burpees and push ups were next(and last) I would have left.

But I didn't.

I stuck it out and got my sweat on,
And can't wait for next week.

The moral of the story.
Push yourself
Don't Give up
and as always...


  1. Sounds like an awesome workout and great job for "sweating" it out ;). Where do take your boot camp classes?

    1. woot woot thanks! and they're at my gym :)

    2. That't it I'm moving home to NJ so I can go to the gym in NY :) I can't see to find a decent one up here in MA.

  2. Dang... you were in a funk that morning... LOL. Glad it worked out for you, or worked you out, I guess. You are super active with your workout schedule, Kudos on that and for keeping it going.

    Great job on "pushing the limits."

    1. hahaha MISS-FUNKY-FLEX! I was tired but mostly I am starting to just get tired of waking up at 4:30 am to gym at 5... this class was worth it.

      Thanks pal!

  3. Wow!! That sounds like a super hard workout! Yay to go on rocking it!!

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