Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

I cannot believe I am writing this post already...seriously, where is the time going!?

This months package was sent to me from Meaghan who blogs over on  Countertop Confections. If you're ever looking for a new, delicious recipe to try you need to check out her site!

I LOVED the vanilla cream filled cookies she sent me! They were crunchy(which I wasn't expecting) but soft in the middle. Perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth :) Everyone in the family tried the vegetarian was something new and different to all of us, not sure if I would buy it on my own but it was fun to try! The brookside dark chocolate covered pomegranate snacks are HUGE in my house, and also my dads favorite snack... so we were excited to see there was a new kind to try, and as expected it was another big hit!

You may have seen the coconut pineapple bar before... hint: it was in my Healthy Beach Snacks video. This bar was pretty much my favorite thing in the entire package!

The paradise bar was great as well, but the coconut  pineapple was a clear winner in my eyes!

This was the first time I have ever tried any of Justin's products. SHOCKING I know. But I was kind enough to share the peanut butter cups with Mom and Eddie(who devoured and loved them) and I used the maple almond butter the very next morning on top of a Van's light protein waffle:


I liked it so much I stocked up on every flavor packet available (they sell them at target for $1!!)

All in all I have to say I was spoiled by Meaghan, THANK YOU!