Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitness Friday Maryland Style

Woohoo we made it through another week! And for most of us today kicks off a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!

I am currently in Maryland celebrating my sisters graduation from Towson University. This morning she asked me if I wanted to accompany her to one of her favorite gym classes "kickboxing boot camp" at Brick Bodies.

I obviously couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something new,sweat with my sis AND Kickbox so I jumped at the chance.

The class was taught by a man...which was a first for me and to be honest made me a little nervous. But my sister introduced us and he seemed very sweet which took a bit of the edge off. We started the class with a light warm up of jumping jacks, jabs and uppercuts. Then we broke out into pairs and grabbed a bosu ball. One person used the ball to do 5 burpees while the other did jumping jacks. I was unaware of how light the bosu actually was and on my first burpee I hit myself right in the mouth.
I am starting to realize I am my own worst enemy in the comes from my spastic side. After that bosu burpees we did more kickboxing followed by mini scooters. I have not seen or used a mini scooter since elementary school so I had no idea what to excpect.

He had us break into partners again and one person held a plank position but one arm was doing the karate kid "wax on" motion while the other partner did squats. After wax on we used the scooter to move our arm underneath across our body while holding a plank. I am probably not doing this workout any justice but trust me it was tough.

All in all I had a great fitness Friday and now it's time celebrate !!

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