Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy Beach Snacks!

My phone broke this weekend.
It just stopped working
Thankfully I have Apple care and was able to get a new one for free, but this means I have NO pictures for a weekend recap :(

INSTEAD I have a new video for all of you!

MDW is only a few days away and hopefully we will all be sunbathing (not burning) with friends and family...I know I will! 
I actually went to the beach yesterday for the first time in four years...crazy right? However, it was incredibly windy making it a less than enjoyable experience but it gave me video inspiration so it wasn't all bad.

What are some of your favorite beach snacks?


  1. Great snack ideas and looks like you had fun soaking in the sun :) (Totally didn't mean for that to rhyme...)

  2. Watermelon is so refreshing! :)

  3. funnn thanks for sharing! Good snacks. Makes me ready to pack up and hit the shore.