Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bob Harper's Book Release Party!

I met Bob Harper! Isn't he SO handsome!?

Last night I was given the opportunity to attend Bob Harper's  "The Skinny Rules," book release party hosted by LAFCO NYIt was a great event and I was able to spend some more time with some of the FitFluential family,which is always great!

The event was in Soho and started at 7 pm, so Amber & Meredith (who I met last week) met up for dinner at Whole Foods around 6 for dinner. I had an hour or so to kill between work and dinner, and the weather wasn't too bad in NYC I decided to walk the 2 1/2 miles (in flip flops) to meet them.

I played tourist on the way...

 Pop up events like this make me fall in love with New York City allover again. 
I would LOVE to actually go here one Friday after work and have dinner...any takers?
anyone notice the title of the first vendor, top right?

you hear that everyone? Nike isn't kidding!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this, I mean this is a fitness and healthy living blog after all!

Another thing I love about cities is graffiti. I know this is frowned upon by some because it is "destroying property," but I think art like this is way more interesting than anything in a museum. 

After 40 minutes of walking (remember I had flip flops on AND two heavy bags) I arrived at one of the nicest Whole Foods I've ever seen. They are all so similar yet SO different..anyone else ever notice that? 
I'm the only one?
Okay, moving on.

I was overwhelmed at the hot bar/cold bar options( I am starting to think I am easily overwhelmed) but as soon as I noticed  Bowery Burger I was good to go. 

I ordered the veggie burger on a gluten free bun with one slice of american and lettuce, sweet potato fries as a side. Yep, I can't resist sweet potato fries...ever.

After dinner it was party time! We arrived promptly at 7 pm, however Bob didn't arrive until after 8, which gave the FitFluential bloggers time to eat, drink and mingle.

notice the product placement under the food, well done Bob.

There were a bunch of passed hors devours, which I politely declined because I was full from dinner AND I am still trying to figure out what I can actually eat with my new gluten free diet. However, everyone around me that tried the dishes liked them. The one pictured above is egg salad on a rice cake. Another dish was cauliflower truffle soup, served in shot glasses.

Bob casually arrived and then the party kicked into gear. I wasn't sure how to react, I stared then darted my eyes in the other direction...I mean it was HIS party and I was invited but I still felt...out of place?

He was so genuinely excited about the book launch, it was adorable to watch. I could gush about his adorableness all day, but I'll spare you the details. After his speech he moved around the room and spoke with every. single.person there.

On the way out of the event we each were handed a gift bag. Inside it was the Skinny Rules book, (which I've already started reading and I am halfway through--it's REALLY good) Bob Harper's total transformation 2 DVD (I will be testing this out tonight!) a candle from LAFCO (smells amazing), a hat--I still am unsure what it represents, it has a bunny with crossbones on it...anyone know? AND bath salts. I'll probably use them post bob dvd ;)

he signed it!

It was a great event and I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend. Thank you to FitFluential for making it happen!

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  1. Replies
    1. me too! Love having some of the FF fam right in NY and being able to meet/greet/drink with all of you is an added bonus!

  2. Bob!! Looks so fun - another successful FitFluential event!

    1. it was a fantastic time, FF events never disappoint! I am 2 for 2 now ;)

  3. had so much fun last night! :) did the dvd this morning and loved it!

    1. yay! I am trying it tonight...hope I survive haha..agreed GREAT times last night!

  4. living the rock star lifestyle... and YES, sweet potato fries are always required.

    1. Oh thank god someone shares my sweet potato fry obsession, they're just too good to pass up!! I try to live as close to a rockstar as possible...minus SOME of their "habits" ;)

  5. SUPER JEALOUS. y'all get all the fun in the city! ;) Can't wait until I'm there full time next year.

  6. I love that Nike window! Also, sweet potato fries are awesome!

  7. Thanks for posting about the Madison Square Park event! I had no idea they did something like that, it looks great. I'll have to to go try it out. I saw Mile End is on that list and its SO good. So is Momofuku Milk Bar. Yum!