Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap 4/20-4/22

I can't believe it's Monday already...the weekends are coming & going too fast.

First things first, my nails of the weekend:

Cherry Red from Sally Hansen


Thank you for all of your support from my In Memoriam post, it was overwhelming and touching to receive such a great response!

The weather was PERFECT here in New York on Friday, so I took full advantage of it and walked to Whole Foods for lunch. I am always bewildered by all of the food-on-the-go options they have there, especially when I don't have a specific idea in mind. So I decided on this:
avocado and cucumber roll with brown rice, & an apple cider vinegar drink (love these)

I left work an hour early to go home and set up for our brochure stuffing party for the walk. It was great to be surrounded by friends and family doing something for such a great cause.


I was up early and ready to get my sweat on with Lauren. We did ZWOW # 14 and Tone It Ups 8 simple sculpting moves (from May 2012 Self Magazine)

Sorry about the dark picture, have to work on Mom's camera skills

Lauren finished  ZWOW in 14:20 and it took me 14:50 (burpees kill me!), which meant we beat Zuzana's time! It was a brutal workout, as they all are, but felt great afterwards.

Post workout meal: pineapple chunks and fiber one english muffin with organic peanut butter

The weather cleared up by early afternoon and I took FULL advantage by taking the boys to the dog park. Max loves the park, he loves to play with all of the other dogs...Chance hangs with the people, he's not a dog-dog.

Max, king of the dog park (blue harness) he hates when Mom embarrasses him by taking pictures

After the park I was off to a BBQ at my best friend, Russell's house, he was in town for a few days and I was so excited to see him!

 it was late, we were tired...which explains this terrible picture


I woke up and decided to get a head start on some school work. As well as prep a new recipe to share with all of you this week :)

Teaser: one of the recipes is part of this picture!

Sunday afternoon my parents and I had a very special first birthday to attend, our neighbors twins, who I also babysit from time to time.
 These cupcakes were even more beautiful in person, my iPhone did them no justice

The party was held at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, which meant a lot of carbs and white flour. I indulged, I won't even deny it...however, I enjoyed every second of it and I am back on track for Monday!

 Mom even got a balloon poodle!

 It was such a rainy and cold day here in NY it made me extra sleepy, I came home and napped for over two hours---a rare thing for me. But I enjoyed it :)

We weren't hungry for a real dinner since we ate so much earlier in the day, so I decided to try ANOTHER new recipe and made us sweet potato chips to munch on while watching Planet Earth

They were delicious! I have added a food dehydrator to my list of wants/needs, so if anyone has any suggestions on which to buy OR if you want to buy me one that would be even better! 

I never realize how busy my weekends are until I do these posts but I love sharing them with all of you.
 How did you spend your weekend?


  1. I've never even heard of a food dehydrator - where would you get one and what else could you do with it? I make sweet potato fries in the micorwave. I have a chip maker sest (literally two silicone plates)from pampered chef that I use to make them sans salt, spices, etc. I suppose you could add extra if you wanted to. It also says that I can make apple chips this way too, but I have yet to try.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    1. I would use it to make my Kale chips, apple chips, sweet potato chips--etc. My fiance could make his own beef jerky, the options are endless!

      I did have a great weekend, I hope you did as well!

  2. loved the food, and the babies 1st bday...but most of all i loved seeing rusell!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ugh not as much as I did! Did you see the picture I posted on facebook of me with Sara's baby how cute is she?!

  3. My 'boys' are the same way at the dog park- our big guy is totally outgoing and get up in everyone's business, but the little man is a total momma's boy and sticks to my side the entire time, unless he see a chance to try and escape. Glad you had a nice weekend, I also napped much longer than normal! Eek, the weather.

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a nice weekend as well! I think the issue with Chance at the dog park is he was a rescue from a shelter and spent most of his puppy life abused so he is skiddish around other dogs and children..he never bites just gets scared and would much rather hang with the people who will pet him haha!