Thursday, April 26, 2012

How much is too much?

My body hurts
I have worked out 3 times in the past 2 days, and it is only 9 am.

I should have listened to my body and skipped my 5 am workout today. It didn't make me feel any better, it actually only made me feel worse.

I am sitting here and every muscle is aching and I feel completely wiped out in general.

I am rundown from overexertion

I pushed myself to take 5 am boot camp yesterday even though I had Power X last night.
 I did it because two of my friends were doing both, if they can I can, right?


Everyone is different.

They work out twice a day way more often then I do.
Our schedules are different, our bodies are different and our level of endurance is different.

Sometimes I need to realize I am not like everyone else and I need to do whats right for me and tell my guilty conscience to shut up. 

This is an important lesson for all of us. 
No workout is worth hurting yourself
No weigh in is worth starving yourself

However, as sore and tired as I am. I feel great. 
I pushed through 3 grueling workouts and I am taking a much needed rest day tomorrow because Saturday will be spent walking all around Philly!


  1. So true, do what feels right for your body. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Great Article!! Exactly how I am feeling today!! I have worked out every day since Saturday and was feeling guilty this morning for taking a rest day but I also have to learn to listen to my body! I did a half hr of stretching and was going to take a small walk but I am so sleepy today! Already thinking about tomorrows workout! ;)

    1. WAY TO GO! That's awesome, and you have EARNED that rest day :)!! I wish I had a foam roller to stretch out these overly sore muscles. I need to get into yoga to increase flexibility but I just have not been able to bring myself to start!

  3. I love this advice... sometimes when I get on an exercise-kick, this happens and I just feel SO bummed. I really like how you emphasize that no work out or weigh in is worth damaging your body- so true!

    On that note, I read somewhere that, in regards to exercising while sick, to NOT exercise if you're sick below the neck, but it's okay to exercise if you're sick above the neck. What do you think about this? There's also research that says exercising while sick actually makes you better... I'm always so conflicted!

    1. I am not a doctor, as you well know, BUT I workout when I am sick...IF I feel well enough to get out of bed. My fitness classes are not easy and often times they totally wipe me out so when I do them sick it's worse haha. I don't find that you can "sweat the sickness out" I don't know who came up with this idea but for me, it is not true. I only do it because I love it, and I am a little crazy ;)

  4. Yes you def need to listen to your body! Also read some of your previous posts! You are amazing for losing 48 pounds! I think that in whatever/however you are doing it in whatever amount of time, that's amazing! (if that makes any sense!) :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! I am taking it slow, but doing it has helped me keep it off for good :)