Thursday, April 5, 2012

Halo Bars Review

This past weekend while perusing through the protein bar section of Whole Foods I stumbled upon HALO Bars, "The sinfully healthy snack." Who wouldn't be drawn to that?

The flavors were what really caught my eye--"S'mores and Rockey Road" and upon further inspection they only had 160 calories per bar and all natural ingredients. I bought both and thought I would do a review for those who haven't heard or tried these before.

Smore bar

I did not like these bars, at all. The flavors tasted NOTHING like you would expect. I know some people would say "they don't taste good, because they're healthy." WRONG. There are so many delicious snacks, both bar form and not that taste great AND are 100% raw or organic. 
These just missed the mark completely. 

 forgot to take a picture of this bar, so Google images helped me out!

 The bars themselves were very dry and bland tasting. For instance the Rocky Road was cocoa based, and I didn't taste chocolate whatsoever except for when I got a bite of chocolate chips (which was maybe twice?). I expected the S'more flavor to have some graham cracker flavoring to it, but all I tasted was the crispy rice and a little honey. 

All in all I would not recommend these bars to anyone looking for a healthy or quick snack. They have 9g of sugar, 5 g of protein, 8g fat and 20g carbohydrate which if you ask me is not great for such a small portion.To compare them to something you may have had before, they taste like a dry, less sweet version of a Quaker Chewy bar.

I don't normally post negative reviews, but I wanted to be honest with my opinions and these just did not do it for me.

Have you ever tried HALO bars before? What did you think?


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