Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work It Out Wednesday!

Happy Work It Out Wednesday! 

This morning when my alarm went off at 4:31 am I wasn't too thrilled to get out of my warm bed, however it was warmer outside than expected so I was thankful for that.

Lauren and I were in the Yoga room by 4:55 and wasted no time.

Today's workout were these two circuits I came up with yesterday:
(please remember I am not a certified trainer, just a fitness junkie)

We decided to alternate between the two circuits, so 60/30 then Weighted Warrior. We did the 60/30 3x and Weighted Warrior 2x and it took us 45 minutes total. Perfect for both of our morning schedules. 
For the W.W workout we used 10 lb dumbells the first time through and then dropped down to 8 for the second round. Once I broke a sweat (10 minutes in) it continued throughout the workout. I'd say the most challenging parts were the plank, jump squats and tricep work...but all in all I was more than happy with how our workout went.

post sweatitout shot

I also filmed and pre/post workout vlog, I did record us doing the circuit but somehow the file became corrupt halfway through shooting. So upsetting. Would you like me to record us or me doing these circuits? Let me know because I think it is something I could get into :)

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