Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work it Out Wednesday!

This morning was another great 5 am workout with Lauren, we kicked our own booties:

First we started off with a light jump rope warmup then this workout:

However we modified it a bit:
40 calf raises while holding 12lb dumbbell 2x
60 second wall sit
30 lunges 2x

It only took us 12 minutes, so I had to think on my feet and came up with this

Not sure what a star jack is?
 They call it power jacks, but I like star better ;)

We also worked our triceps to the point of shaking with 8 lb dumbbells, and ab work.

Please remember: I am not a personal trainer or a doctor, just someone who loves to workout and is trying to come up with new circuits to try. You know your limits, so be careful and smart, but have fun!

Send me your sweaty pics!

Sweat It Out


  1. oh my, such sore legs today :D