Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap 3/23-3/25

This weekend was another busy but great weekend! My best friend from college came to visit so that was an added bonus :)


Wearing my new Loft red capris at work, I was never confident enough to wear colored pants--NOW I can't stop buying them!

this is my dream mug
I left work a few minutes early to meet Alison in Penn Station, and we were seeing the Hunger Games that night so we wanted to get to the theater extra early. It was a good thing we did, because they started lining us up an hour before our actual show time. The movie was great, but I liked the book better. Did any of you see the movie?

crowds of people waiting to see The Hunger Games


I was up bright and early for my last Jump and Drill until May  :(. As a pre-workout meal I made my own breakfast quinoa consisting of almond milk, honey roasted almond slivers, shredded coconut and flax seed. I added some cinnamon and a drizzle of honey on top, after it was cooked, it came out delicious!

I feel like I look like Tomb Raider with my braid haha. Pre-workout pic in my newest Lulu Lemon tank

After the gym it was party time! Me, Alison, Lauren and Gina were part of the "Crawling for Cancer" fundraiser going on in our town, little did we know a 3 hour bar crawl would turn into a 12 hour party.
 Alison and I at one of the crawl stops, our nicknames were "Get Some" (me) and Philly (al)
 These were a huge hit!

 Lauren, Alison and I :)

Gina (burningbabifat) and Me

Lauren and Eddie towards the end of the night, clearly we're so mustache obsessed we even have iPhone apps for them!

Forced both myself and Lauren to kickbox Sunday morning. Neither one of us had any desire, but just like my name, no matter WHAT you have to JUST KEEP SWEATING. It was brutal but we survived, and it felt great. After the gym Al & I went to my favorite dinette in the heart of my village. It was her first time and she loved just like everyone else does!
 loved this mug so much I bought one for my dad, I may just have to use it as well 

I had an egg white omelet with tomato,broccoli, spinach and mozzarella. Just what I needed! Then we shopped with Lauren :). By time I brought Alison to the train at 2pm I was exhausted. I literally climbed into bed and watched Dirty Dancing, The Notebook and half of The Blindside.
Perfect ending to an amazing weekend!

 Even Max was all partied out!

How was your weekend?