Sunday, March 11, 2012

Think Thin Giveaway WINNERS!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the ThinkThin Wellness Giveaway!

There were 55 entries and I loved reading each and every comment. The easiest way to pick the 10 winners was using the number generator.

Congratulations to:

Lauren Mar 4, 2012 08:37 AM Just Tweeted you and ThinkProducts. - Can't wait for the drawing. Hope I win. :)

I should win because I need these bars to help me fuel up during and after playing tennis.
hlee99 at gmail dot com

Pick me pick me, I'm always looking for something sweet to eat and nutty too. These would be a good afternoon pick me up!

Susie Schexnaydre Feb 27, 2012 04:29 PM
i think I should win because I swear by my Think Thin bars! I have turned many family and friends to them too! They are the best Protein bars on the market!

okay...try two....I think I should win because I exercise 7 days a week and am currently eating luna bars whenever i need an extra shot of protein (a few days a week). I love Luna but didn't realize how much more sugar was in them then these. I have yet to see these little guys in moms pantry whenever I am home so it would be a new great tasty adventure for me.

I would like to be one of the winners to add more protein and nutrition in my diet as these bars seem like they would be a great healthy snack!

I should totally win because I was recently diagnosed with celiacs and these are the only bars I have found that don't make me feel like I am eating cardboard!!! I love the crunch bars!

I like ThinkThin on Facebook

Sarah MitchellFeb 26, 2012 07:38 AM
I should totally win this contest because I am your best friend! :) (competition's on ALY!) No but for real, being that I am a teacher AND graduate assistant, I am STILL poor due to my Masters that I am pursuing in the meantime. This being a major reason as why I should win this getaway. I WANT to live healthy and AM living healthy/organic/vegetarian; however, sometimes the better of the healthier products (as these "thinkthin or thinkcrunchy bars" are the more expensive bars, thus I am forced to go with the most affordable ones not by choice. (Especially when I am out of protein bars and I am in desperate need of an oil change!) This wonderful giveaway you are doing will give me an opportunity to try and eat healthIER, for FREE:) I love you and that's why I should win!

I think i should win bc i absolutely love thes bars since i learned about them from TIU!!! I already have a bunch of my friends hooked on them!! When else can i have a peanut butter choc bar guilt free?? Lol

I follow from @burningbabifat and like them on facebook!!

   If you are one of the luck winners, please email me your Names and Addresses to by WEDNESDAY March 14th!  I will then pass them along to ThinkThin so you can enjoy your delicious prizes!   If I do not receive your email by the end of the day on Wednesday, I will pick someone else. 

   Thank you again for entering!!

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