Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drop 10 Challenge!

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday Everyone!!


Happy First Day of Spring!

As you all know the Tone It Up girls release a new challenge, free for everyone, every few weeks. 
The Toned in '12 challenge ended around Valentine's Day, and now they've teamed up with Self Magazine to bring us our next one to get us in shape for Summer:

Step 1: Click the link above to sign up through self magazine's website. They will send you daily emails with meal plans, recipes, workouts and inspiration over the course of the next 5 weeks. Along with that you will be entered to win different prizes, including a beach vacation!
A little overview of what is offered on the self mag website

Step 2: Pick up this months magazine (Carrie Underwood is on the cover :) )
Inside is a total overview of the program, which focuses on clean eating and "powerfoods" and also has a page of workouts that you can tear out.


 I really liked this page, it has you sign a commitment to yourself, print it out and hang it on your fridge/bathroom/office wherever you will see it everyday.
Mine is in my cubicle, right where I can see it...all-day-long.

Karena and Katrina will be providing the Drop 10 Challengers with all of the workouts, in the magazine, through emails and videos! This is great for everyone because it is FREE! And as most of you know, or will learn very soon, their workouts are NO joke!

I tore the strength training moves out and made a little flip book (will get real rings later, I promise) to bring to the gym. The main focus of the workouts are HIIT cardio training 3 days a week, and the ST exercises in the booklet 2x a week!

I am still taking my fitness classes and doing the March Ab-ness challenge, so this is in addition to that. I just really want to raise awareness for all of  my readers who may not be Tone It Up members, or Self Magazine readers--if those people even exist!--kidding.

 If you do sign up, LET ME KNOW! 
Remember to take your measurements and write them down. If you stick to this plan I bet you will see a difference in inches, as well as weight.

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