Monday, March 19, 2012

3/17 Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a busy one! 

(pre-workout pic)
Saturday morning was my 2 hour workout, Jump & Drill then Interval Training. I only ate a ThinkThin bar before hitting the gym because I wasn't really hungry but knew I needed to eat..however it was not enough to hold me through the intense workouts and I ended up leaving the class 15 minutes early. 

 My two little leprechauns-Max(right) and Chance(left)
 had a mini photo shoot by myself, totally normal

 I had a lot of running around to do for the 12th Annual Judith Shesh Memorial 5k which is coming up in June(I'll be posting all about it soon!) I am in charge of all food donations, so I am spending the bulk of my weekends trying to have companies donate a variety of fruit,bars, and gift cards to our event. One of the places I stopped was a great little bakery by my house, naturally I had to get a St Patty's inspired cookie:

It was delicious!

In between my errands I stopped home to make a quick lunch, and came up with this chicken salad:
Chicken, 2 T plain chobani, red onion and Italian herb Mrs Dash

 Then my friend texted me and said he was heading into town for some green beer and my inner Irish couldn't resist

It was a good time! Then I spent the night catching up with my cousins, which I always love doing--all in all a great Saturday

 (new Lulu top)

I woke up with absolutely NO gym motivation what so ever. I was enjoying my coffee, watching YouTube videos when a little facebook chat box flashed "Kickboxing?" from my friend, "Energizer Bunny" (her nickname because she has the most energy in all of our classes)  and I told her I really didn't want too. But thankfully she gave me the kick I needed and we got our sweat on.

Thanks E.B!

(it was a fancy hat themed brunch)

Then I had one of my best friends from high schools bridal shower brunch, which if anyone knows, those are not the easiest places to eat healthy. It was buffet style with an omelet and sushi station. This was what I chose:

Vegetable quiche, watermelon 3 bean salad, cucumber salad, 1 turkey sausage, and some mozzarella

I thought it was pretty good, considering my options...
but then I noticed the oil

It was EVERYWHERE, I couldn't eat anymore. So I opted for the healthier choice
1 small slice of cheesecake, a cannoli, and more fruit.

Oh well I TRIED!

Keryn, Danielle(the bride) and Me

I ended my weekend with a LUSH bubble bath, some quinoa salad from Costco and a new favorite show 
" Storage Hunters"

How was your weekend?