Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shred-mill, more like dead-mill

So yesterday I posted about doing this as my workout:

It is the Tone It Up shred-mill challenge and it was hard.

I laced up and got the yoga room at the gym while it was still empty (the next class wasn't until 7). I had no issues with squat jacks or tummy tucks, but the burpees? Those things are no joke. I had to do them in incriments of 10 and then take a breather. I couldn't believe how out of breath they made me. 
I thought I was in shape!

I am in the gym  5 times a week, and 90% of my workouts are cardio...why were these so challenging? 

I completed the first torture round and instead of sprints I jumped rope for 2 minutes, which kept my HR up but allowed me to regain my strength for round two.

Again I had no issues with jacks or tucks but the burpees seemed to take me even longer this time around and there were ten less, go figure. As I was doing my 1 minute jump rope sprint, people started coming into the room to "prep" themselves for their yoga class...15 minutes early.

So I had to use a different room to complete the workout, which of course was packed and gave me stage fright to perform burpees. So I  chickened out and did push-ups for the remaining two rounds. I felt slightly disappointed in myself BUT 50 burpees is better than 0, and that was my first time ever doing them so I can only get better!

By the time I left the gym I looked like this:

Sweaty & intimidated by burpees, yet thrilled it was over. My muscles were shaking (in a good way) and I was happy I was the one who made myself sweaty & shaky, I didn't need a class to do it for me :). Today I am so sore from the tummy tucks, I LOVE IT!

I am enjoying trying these new workouts at the gym and sharing them with all of you, so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to share!

Just Keep Sweating


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