Friday, January 27, 2012

The Perfect Push Up Challenge

 I hate push ups.

We do 100 of them every week in Jump & Drill and I have not improved, at all, what so ever. It turns out I have been doing them wrong this entire time and it wasn't until Tuesday that I found this out (Thanks Becky!)

With that said..

On Wednesday, February 1 we will start the "Perfect Push Up Challenge"

 29 days to complete 30 perfect push ups 


You can go about this anyway that works for you.
I will be starting with 3 and building up from there.

I would really like all of us to do this together, so your homework this weekend is to tell everyone you know to join us on a mission for the perfect push up.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day--do not tell me you don't have time to at least try.

If you are on twitter use #perfectpushup and tweet to @juskeepsweating to keep me up to date on your progress, or check in with me on  my Facebook fan page


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