Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I uncovered the secret to cooking kale!!

This isn't the first, or second time I have professed my love for the leafy green vegetable that is kale. Besides all of its great nutritional value it can be prepared so many ways... IF you know how!

I'll never forget the first time I introduced myself and my family to kale. I had read about how great it is on another fitness blog and was sold. That night I sautéed it with garlic and oil, just like I would with spinach( my OTHER green veggie crush) and that was just plain wrong.
No one at the dinner table was happy with our side dish that night, it was chewy and lacked any deliciousness. However I was determined to love kale as much as everyone else.

As I was thinking about what to pair with our south western salmon,(which was fantastic) I saw the kale in the fridge and said... Tonight is the night. Kale and I will form an undeniable bond, and we did.

The trick is to cook the kale in boiling, salted water for ten minutes or until wilted. THEN sautée it. So simple! It made all the difference and our side was just as amazing as our main course.

If you have tried making kale and failed, try again. If you've never made or had kale, please try it, you won't be sorry!

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