Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 I cannot believe Christmas is 11 days away.

I have been so busy and it shows in my lack of posts, please bear with me until 2012, then everything will slow down and I can get back to business!

In the meantime here are two things I am IN LOVE with::

This website has been my go to, whenever I have down time or if I am looking for an idea for a gift/recipe/outfit inspiration. If you haven't been on this website yet I highly suggest clicking the link and joining me in the (healthy) addiction!

My other love of the past few weeks has been this:

This is the MOST delicious drink I have ever had at Starbucks. OMG It is just AMAZING. If you haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet, stop reading and go to Starbucks RIGHT THIS SECOND and buy one!
As much as I love a grande, regular version of this drink, it costs me a whopping 320 calories and I hate to drink my cals. So I choose the skinny version( no whipped cream) with soy or non-fat milk.
The soy milk version is 250 calories and the non-fat milk is 200. Pick and choose your battles people!

 I hope Santa puts some Starbucks gift cards in my stocking this year :)

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