Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An object in motion...

We all have hectic lives during the week, most days it feels like we are literally running from one place to the next.

My schedule looks something like this:
5:41 am- Wake up
5:51-6:25am Coffee, feed and play with dogs, pinterest/Facebook.. It's ME time
6:25-6:55 am get ready/ pack gym bag depending on the day
6:55-7:10 pack lunch,start car make a mad dash to avoid missing my train
7:21-8:25 train to work.. Mostly reading time
8:30-5 work
5:09-6:15 train
6:20-8 gym( normally running to the 6pm class that's started so I change on the train.. Gross I know)

8-10pm shower/eat/tv sleep

Basically I am in motion all day long. There are so many times I'm exhausted on Wednesday or Thursday and just want to go home after work but I'm already out and have my gym clothes on so I push myself.

I find the days I'm off or weekends it's harder to get myself to the gym, I can find every excuse to stay on the couch and watch the same episode of King of Queens that I've seen 263849827 times.

The moral of the story is, if you're already out of the house don't skip your workout. If you're sitting home on the couch and it's cold and rainy out, so much that the gym just doesn't seem worth it.. Trust me, it is. The couch and the show you're watching will be there when you get back, I promise. The little device we all rely on called a DVR gives you even less of an excuse NOT to go.

" an object in motion tends to stay in motion"

Just Keep Sweating

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