Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jawbone UP = epic fail.

A few weeks ago I posted my excitement over a new fitness related product that is hitting the shelves, the Jawbone UP. I had fully planned to purchase one for myself with my christmas bonus,  but due to recent reports I am happy that I have not. Although the company itself hasn't pulled the products from the shelves(yet), I have read reports and have seen reviews in Apple's app store saying this product simply does NOT work. The main complaint with the  Jawbone UP is it just stops working after a short period of time. Other complaints have been the inaccuracy of fitness tracking/calories burned.

 I just wanted to apologize for my previous post regarding this product, and I hope that if anyone purchased one they can get a refund! To avoid further situations like this I plan on testing out a product before posting about it on here.

1 comment:

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