Thursday, December 1, 2011

How I stay occupied on the dreaded treadmill

For me, the treadmill is one of the most boring workouts a person can do. It makes me feel like a hamster in a wheel, constantly moving yet staying in the same place... How frustrating. However I have been trying to change up my routine and add extra cardio where I can, even if it isn't strenuous it is something different.

These are a few ways to steer clear of boredom

- walk/jog with a friend. I did this on thanksgiving with Jill before our kickboxing class and before we new it we walked for 40 minutes AND broke a light sweat.. Win/win

-Read. If you are walking at a 2.5-3.8 pace you should have no trouble with this, but please don't hurt yourself

-Pump up the jams!! Make a great playlist put it on shuffle and get to work. Unfortunately I cannot use this method because I have a tendency to bust a move if I love a song and this has resulted in a fall or two

-Watch tv or a movie. Imagine if you were moving the entire 90 minutes you were watching The Holiday? Or jogged during Titanic? I think you could almost run a marathon in that amount of time... Either way catch up on your favorite shows while breaking a sweat

Winter is just around the corner, it is the hardest time to stay physically active. Find a workout that you love and fight the fat!

Just Keep Sweating

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