Monday, November 7, 2011

My day at the Waldorf

Yesterday was my company's annual off site meeting at the Waldorf Astoria. This was my first time at the famed hotel and let me just say it is B-E-A-U-TIFUL! I wish I had taken more pictures but my iPhone was dead pretty much all day and I didn't want to be that weirdo at the work party taking pictures of the hotel. So this is what I got
 This is where we had breakfast
 Grand Ballroom Ceiling, it was beautiful this picture doesn't do it justice
Grand Ballroom, where we spent the majority of our day.

The food situation was difficult because they served us breakfast, lunch AND dinner and it was catered. For breakfast I had coffee and half of a stale bagel, lunch was half of a grilled veggie wrap with hummus(yum) and half of a turkey club(gross, the bacon was so thick and salty I couldn't eat it) along with a taste of potato salad. We had a snack break at around 3 pm where I ate the biggest, most delicious chocolate chip cookie followed by veggie chips. By the time 5 pm rolled around we were all ready to PAR-TAY, and that I did. We had a total of 3 different rooms for the after party, each room had two bars, and food buffets. All of the options were unhealthy, there were pastas, fried foods, cheeses,breads and crackers. I decided to skip dinner ( bad idea) and have wine instead( even worse of an idea). There were photo booths where I took pictures like this: 

 There was also Karaoke( which I thankfully did not participate in) and the other room had a DJ with a dance floor where I spent a good 2 hours shakin it. I had an absolute blast, I would go as far as saying I had too much fun as I am dealing with a little hangover today at work.

The way I see it is I ate moderately well, mingled with co-workers and worked up a sweat while having fun. All in all a successful Tuesday!


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