Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finally Friday!

I have today and Monday off this weekend, and I am looking forward to two things: Working Out & relaxing! Today was a busy but fun day.
I started the morning off with breakfast(oatmeal with blueberries) and coffee before taking Bollywood Sweat at the gym
(pre-workout pic)

For those wondering, Bollywood Sweat is a class with 30 minutes of high cardio, 20 minutes of "bolly-inspired" dancing followed by abs and stretching.
After the gym I showered and had a snack, Chobani with Kashi and a drizzle of honey, my favorite.
(it tastes much better than it looks I promise, and it has PROTEIN-perfect post workout)

Then it was time for errands with Mom and Eddie, we went to Costco, where I had two samples: one was colby jack cheese(delicious) and the other was roasted red pepper "skinny" hummus on a cracker(also delicious). I meant to take pictures but I was too busy eating to photograph, whoops! 
After Costco we went to a few stores, Eddie picked out a new winter coat and I won 25$ on a scratch off! Pretty great day if you ask me!

For lunch I made "Buffalo Chicken Salad" which was so tasty and only 180 calories!!!

(I'll post the recipe soon!)

I think I filled this cup up 12 times today. Yay hydration!

 I ended the day with babysitting the neighbors babies for a few hours and then came home to this little guy:
:) love my pups!

Overall it was a nice day off, I hope to be asleep by 10 to make sure I am ready for tomorrow's Jump & Drill and PowerX workouts.

One of my best friends sent me this pic that she took while running through Philly and I had to share:

Just Keep Sweating

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