Monday, October 3, 2011

Measure your weight in inches

I think there are a handful of people in my life who can stand on a scale and not care what the number says.
 And I envy you

For as long as I can remember I have seen my mom get on the scale every morning as part of her daily routine. If you think about it this is a very dangerous way to start the day, what if that number you see is higher than you predicted? Your entire day is ruined, along with anyone else that comes across your path. 
 At least that's how it goes in this house.

Avoiding the scale had become a habit for me that started my senior year in high school and continued until late 2009. All that time I knew I had been gaining weight, because even though I wasn't weighing myself, my clothes were getting tighter and I had to buy bigger sizes, which of course is every girl's favorite thing to do. I honestly thought I had gained 5-15 lbs MAX. 
Boy was I wrong
 Since my lowest weight I had gained 54 pounds.
I am ashamed to admit that

54!  How does one gain this much weight and not realize it? 
My vision may not be the best, but scale or not this is a noticeable difference.

I have since lost 35 pounds, which is great, but the scale has not moved in over 6 months. I work out 4-5 times a week and 90% of the time I am eating healthy, I am only human, and humans like ice cream and cookies from time to time. It is so frustrating that some people can start a diet or new work out routine ::cough, my fiance, cough:: and shed excess pounds in just a few weeks, when I feel like I am literally working my butt off and nothing is happening. 

That's where the inches come in... or in this case, off.

During a weight loss journey you will always hear "muscle weighs more than fat" or "you're loosing inches" both of these are true, and both of these are things you need to remember the next time you are upset about the scale not moving. I took measurements of myself in August 2010 and then again today. That is over a year of weight loss/workouts/eating right.

Let's see how I have changed.

-4 inches from my bust
 -5 inches from my waist
-9 inches from my hips
-7 inches from my arms
-11 inches from my left thigh
-10 inches from my right thigh
(not sure how that happened)

So in addition to my 35 pound loss I have managed to shed 46 inches from my body. 
I guess hard work does pay off ;)

So I want all of you on this journey with me to take out your tape measure and start measuring your weight in inches. 

Note: this isn't me.


  1. So true. I worked out regularly for 2 years and didn't shed a pound. Good thing I enjoyed the new habit of running. I finally have been working with a personal coach to get the scale moving. Keep going, you (and I) can do this!