Thursday, September 29, 2011

Power X Week 3 Round 2

Power X last night was THE MOST brutal class to date. My heart rate was up before we even started from watching our coaches demonstrate the moves.

 I cannot properly recall the names of everything we did because I was that drained when it was all over, but I can say there was a lot of yelling, a lot of crawling and a lot of sweat. We did spiderman moves with the ViPR, and I decided the heaviest one was the way to go last night...I regret that decision today. We did the Battling Ropes from a sitting position which is by far the hardest way to move those damn ropes. And TRX was just disturbing in any way possible.

  All in all it was an intense and grueling 30 minutes, oh and did I mention it was raining and dark? 

     After it was all over I signed up for Saturday morning Power X. So Jump & Drill from 8-9 and Power X from 10-10:30. Crazy? No. Motivated? Yes.

I think by round 3 I will surprise not only myself but everyone around me, I am done playing games with this class.


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