Monday, September 12, 2011

Motivation Monday, Workouts for the week, Last weeks run!

Remember that 20 minute run I was worried about?

Yea, I kicked it's ass.

For the first time in our 4 year relationship my fiance and I worked out together.
Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

He was always an athlete, and spent most of his life playing baseball until he had to have surgery. However, he has taken the past 4 years off from a fitness routine and is just easing back into it now. I figured running with him would be no problem because 1. I'm slow and 2. he's out of shape.

Or so I thought. He spent the run at least a half block in front of me.
It reminded me of the summer of 2007, where I spent the better part of 2 months chasing him around, trying to get him to fall for me.

No, I'm not pathetic, I just know what I want and don't give up until I get it.
(In all aspects of life.)

Anyways, I was able to keep my pace and jog the 20 minutes straight without getting tired or out of breath, which for me was more important than beating Eddie. 
It was great to have him with me, pushing me every step of the way and to have someone to talk to as we cooled down. It was a mini milestone for me to complete the workout and having him there made it that much better.So if you're reading this, thank you. :)

Today we're running together again and I will be doing Week 6 Day 1 of C5K:
Warm up 2:00
Run 5:00
Walk 3:00
Run 8:00
Walk 3:00
Run 5:00

I think C5K is trying to push me to pick up my running pace by not saying the word "jog." So that will be the focus for today, running faster for shorter amount of time to increase my stamina even further.
So far I am really enjoying this program as is my mom.
She completed Week 5 Day 1 yesterday and felt great about it! I am so proud of her she has been more diligent and motivated to run in addition to our regular gym schedule than I have been. 
Way to go Mom! 

This week Power X starts again AND Jump & Drill.
I am feeling that nervous feeling I had before my first Power X class all over again, we've had a few weeks off and I think it will show tomorrow night.
For me at least.

Jump and Drill I'm not as nervous for because I know what to expect.
100 pushups
10 minutes of jumping rope broken down into 2 minute intervals
Kick Drills
Punching Drills(my personal favorite)

I have been taking J&D for almost a year and it has become my favorite workout.

Here is this weeks workout schedule:

Monday-C5K Week 6 Day 1 
Tuesday-Power X
Wednesday-C5K Week 6 Day 2
Saturday-Jump & Drill and Interval Training/C5K Week 6 Day 3
Sunday- Uppercut(weight training) and Kickboxing

Happy Motivation Monday!


The Mrs said...

Look at you in all of your awesomeness! Kick butt girl!!

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