Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I LOVE Trader Joe's!

I am a creature of habit
I hate change

Having an added day to my weekend was both a blessing && a curse.
Blessing because it meant one more day to sleep in and put off pesky chores I didn't feel like doing just yet
Curse because it threw me off my usual Sunday schedule of "GFSL"
gym,food shopping,laundry

7:15 am Sunday morning and my alarm was going off, I snoozed 3 times before dragging myself out of bed and off to Kickboxing. I was so sore from Interval Training the day before that every jumping jack hurt twice as much. However, I made it through and as always, was glad I pushed myself.
Is it just me or the days you don't want to work out end up feeling the best?

I was on a mission after Kickboxing to get to Trader Joe's, which is by far my favorite food store ever created. The healthy options are endless and never breaks my wallet.
Two thumbs up.

Normally on the Sunday's my fiance is off from work we do the food shopping together(we enjoy it a little too much) but this time mom wanted to tag along which made it even more fun.

Here are the goodies from our shopping trip:

 I had my first Tilapia experience Monday night, and I actually enjoyed it. Can't wait to have it again!
 These little chicken strips are PERFECT for salads
 We purchased a bag of TJ's Broccoli slaw, I added an apple, 1/4 walnuts and 1 cup of our favorite light dressing...YUM!
 I had Kale for the first time Monday as a side to the Tilapia, it was a little tough but still d-lish. Something I want to experiment with more in the future
 This is a staple in our house, perfect side dish to any meal!
 veggies veggies veggies! We normally go for fresh as much as possible but with everyone's work/gym/school schedule sometimes this is just easier
 Discovered these little gems. 4 pieces is only 50 calories! 160 mg of sodium. Had them for lunch on Monday, they were simply amazing. A must try for everyone!
 I LOVE Trader Joe's eggplant cutlets. This is a great way to make single serving eggplant parm on a weeknight in under 20 minutes!
 My two favorite and very low calorie salad dressings

 Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts,one of these is Tuesday nights dinner after my Couch to 5k training!
Balsamic Grilled Chicken. Another quick and easy lunch or dinner.

I also purchased fruit,more Soy Protein powder for breakfast shakes and protein pancakes, individual Go Raw! Trek Mix for my lunchbox to snack on when I want something crunchy but healthy.

Did I mention I LOVE Trader Joe's?!

What are your favorites from there?


  1. Okay, I am SERIOUSLY jealous of your TJ's!! Your meat selection is fresh!? All of ours are frozen. Boo! I love the broccoli slaw and use it for crunch in fish tacos or cook it up for stir fry.

    LOVE their spinach carrot polenta, quinoa duo, chipotle hummus, This Fig/Apple Walked into a Bar bars, lacy marbled cheese for paninis or half a slice for omletes, the 6 pack of Lite Kettle Corn, Organic Unsalted Tortilla chips, mini mint ice cream sandwiches and ganache cake. Oh and fleur de sel caramel sauce. I need help.

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