Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am tired

I found this blog I posted on another website over a year ago and I decided I needed to share this with all of you today::

I am tired....

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am tired of being the fattest person in the class
I am tired of not feeling good enough when I am putting my all in at the gym
I am tired of struggling to keep up in workout classes
I am tired of hiding in the back of the room
I am tired of hating how I look in the mirror
I am tired of being unhappy
I am tired of being concerned with what other people see when they look at me
I am tired of not being my own friend
I am tired of thinking I will never be as hot as I want too
I am tired of worrying that everything I eat is going to make me gain more weight


...I am going to do my best to stop focusing on all of the negative in my life and use this to push forward. Yes I am the fat girl in the back of the room struggling to keep up in kickboxing and cardio classes but at least I am in the classes!
...I need to tell myself that its only my second week back at the gym, that stamina & weight loss takes time. I didn't gain all this weight in 2 weeks and I won't loose it 2 weeks.
... I need to remind myself I am beautiful and worth it, that I will not give up on myself no matter how frustrating this journey may be.
...I will to tell myself that I have wonderful people in my life both on and off the internet that are going to support me in the good times and bad.

And most importantly I need to remind myself that::

I CAN DO THIS! emoticon

...I am not tired anymore.


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