Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

This week F-L-E-W by! I cannot even believe there is only 1 hour standing between me and an awesome weekend packed with working out and fiance fun! Here is a re-cap of this weeks workouts and life bites::

Tuesday was session 1 of Power X round 2. This time around we're doing our workouts on the tennis courts instead of the grassy football field, and let me tell you it makes all the difference. There were a few new people so we did a lot of repeat moves from the last session, but it was good for us who are "seasoned vets" because we were able to see where we grew and what areas need improvement. Personally for me I have come a long way on the battling ropes, they were still really challenging but :30 seconds didn't seem like eternity. The ViPR moves involved a lot of lunging/squating, but I decided to push myself and use the 6lb instead of the 4lb I used last session. However my trainer said that it was too light for me so I will be moving up another ViPR level next week. YIPEE! TRX was where I felt most improved. It was like something in me clicked and I was comfortable doing the moves. This week we focused on back, legs and triceps. My muscles haven't been this sore in a long time, I am thoroughly enjoying this feeling and it's three days later!

Wednesday was C5K week 6 day 2. This run was the hardest one yet. My legs were so sore from Tuesday's workout that I felt as if I was jogging with weights tied to my legs, which by the way, is an awful feeling. The workout was 10 minute jog, 3 minute walk, 10 minute jog. Regardless of how I felt before and during my run, I felt great after...I pushed through all the BS and JUST KEPT SWEATING! I made the silly mistake of looking at Week 6 day 3's workout which is 5 minute warm up and then jog for 25 minutes straight. 

Not looking forward to that at all.
So I looked ahead to what is in store for Week 7

Jog for 28 minutes, all three days.

Looks like this is it kids, I am in it for the long haul. No more fun runs, the rest of the program is 5k runs three times a week until the Seatuck Run on October 30.
I have my reservations about me being ready, but once I start running I don't let myself stop. I push myself to my limits and it makes me stronger.
I tell the voices in my head to stop telling me I can't when my heart tells me I can.
My sneakers love the feeling of the pavement, my lungs love the fresh air and I love beats pumping through my ears into my veins.

 I can do this.
I will do this.

Thursday was Kickboxing. Yay Kickboxing! I look forward to Thursday every single week because I know I will be getting the best workout with all of my favorite people. My gym girls have become such a source of motivation for me. If there are days one of us doesn't feel like working we can count on each other to push us and in the end we're always glad we did it. In my opinion there is no better feeling than knowing you just did an intense workout.

That brings me to today, Friday. My rest day, and boy is it needed. I am exhausted from a long week of commuting,working and working out. So I have plans to have a sushi dinner with my fiance and enjoy a relaxing night at home on the couch.

Plans for the weekend?

Saturday:: JUMP & DRILL!!!!! I am so excited it is starting again. I have missed it these past few weeks and am ready to work on improving my push-ups. After jump and drill is interval training, which is a mix of Cardio and Weight training.
Saturday afternoon is Oktoberfest at our favorite local bar and Saturday night Eddie is djing at the Black Lantern Lounge.

Sunday:: KICKBOXING! Then our annual Fall Fair in town followed by an afternoon of Football, LETS GO JETS! and lots of cooking.

All in all I am looking forward to this weekend and am proud of all I have accomplished workout-wise this week. 
What are your weekend plans?