Friday, September 23, 2011

Cookies, Ice cream and Lack of work-outs...

It has been one rough week.
It shows in my eating,
and lack of workouts

Work has been draining every day, and I haven't had the energy to go running or take a class my heart wasn't in to by time I came home.
I know that by doing this I am only hurting myself but sometimes you just need to take a break. 

Sometimes you need to come home take a steaming hot shower and wash the day off of you, then put on your sweats, light a yummy candle and watch all of your favorite shows.
My eating during the day is healthy. then I come home and crave sweets. 
I've had some pretzel m&ms, oreo's, handfuls of popcorn and 3 spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream. All in all I lost control.

The only physically active thing I've done this week was Power X on Wednesday. Even that workout I wasn't at my full potential due to pure mental exhaustion.
I am looking forward to today being the end of a hell week at work.

I can't wait to sweat bullets in Jump & Drill tomorrow morning, and then FINALLY complete Week 6 Day 3 of C5K.

I need to remind myself that no matter how crazy other things in life may get,

Just Keep Sweating.
It will always make me feel better.

I will be posting a new recipe this weekend for Pumpkin Protein Muffins, stay tuned :)


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