Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

   I may be 25 years old but I still carry a lunchbox. Yup I said it a lunchbox. It's not the super cool hard plastic kind with the Care Bears on it or anything but mine gets the job done. A co-worker of mine suggested the use of a lunchbox when I started my weight loss journey so I could bring all of my healthy lunches/snacks with me-score and it saves tons of money--double score.

Every morning before my train I pack my lunch. Mostly consisting of a salad or sandwich and snacks like yogurts/fruits/veggies&hummus and of course 100 cal packs. In my opinion THESE ARE THE BOMB DIGGITY for weight loss, and I think that anyone who disagrees should leave this blog right now and never come back!!! (Just Kidding i love you) Maybe I am crazy but I hate thinking... I hate thinking about portions, calories,carbs,sugars,etc even more.
It's almost like a second job...okay now I am being dramatic, but you get the point.

So I discovered these little gems at my local Stop&Shop this past weekend and got so excited for a new lunchbox find::

I LOVE LOVE LOVE EDAMAME it's like my favorite nom nom nom. It's what I look forward to ordering when we go out for sushi. This 90 calorie snack also has 8g protein so it's perfect for your 3pm crash with a nice cup of green tea. AND I DON'T HAVE TO THINK!

What kind of healthy snacks do you like to eat?


  1. I had these for lunch yesterday! They are perfection. If you go to Costco you can buy a large bag filled with soo mnay smaller bags. It's wonderful. So are 100 cal packs i have cabinets dedicated to them. My lunch box suggestion is Laughing cow cheese wedges...only 35 cals of delicous-ness!

  2. Haha okay so you are so dramatic about watching calories being a second job but I totally agree! It takes so much time; therefore, buying packages like 100 caolorie packs or 90 cal edamame is so efficient. Ps. I usually buy unsalted peanuts, plain cubed tofu with a little salt and pepper to snack on,mango, celery and carrots with either ranch or blue cheese to snack on. No bread:) and if ANY carbs- go dark! For real! Hahaha whole wheat no white.k peace out cub scout!

  3. I love flat out whole grain bread it's only 90 calories and has lots of nutrients. Snacks are 90 calorie special k bars or carrots with hummus and my new obsession cottage cheese with almonds and cinnamon.YUM!