Sunday, August 14, 2011

Power X Week 3

This past week may have been my favorite Power X class to date. Each week I walk in with more determination and focus than the week before, ready to take on whatever challenge is thrown my way. Like last week I started on the battling ropes as they are the hardest part of the class, and just when I thought I was conquering them our trainers changed our comfort level yet again. This week we had to do our usual four moves both standing and our knees, without stopping the rope movement...Now that's strength training.

On the ViPR we worked in pairs for one of the intervals and my partner was none other than Erik Chopin, winner of the Biggest Loser season 3. Erik and another Biggest Loser contestant(not sure of her name) have been going to Fitness Incentive for a long time but I've never worked out with any of them so having Erik as a partner was a little overwhelming at first. In pairs we had to take a heavier ViPR( I believe we used 15/18 lbs.) and pass it back and forth to each other while doing squats. Our next 2 intervals we had to toss the ViPR as far as possible down the football field and run to it, which was actually one of my favorite exercises of the entire class. I was pleasantly surprised at how far I could toss something that weighed 12 lbs and I had the stamina to keep running up and down the field, something I would not have been able to do a few months ago.

Next was TRX. By time I get to TRX I am already tired and like the battling ropes it requires a lot of physical exertion as well as focus, two things that are not my strong suit. This week we focused a lot on our triceps, something I have been trying to work on both in and outside of the gym ( I hate my "windex" arms, you know that skin that just swings back and forth--so unattractive). The tricep extension was tiring but not as tiring as the jump knee lunges we had to do.
Tricep Extension

ViPR Throw

I had a hard time finding videos of the moves because it's now Sunday and I forget some of the actual names (#blogfail) and normally by the time I leave the class I am so wiped out I can't remember my own name. This Wednesday is the last Power X class which I couldn't be more disappointed about, BUT I was told they're going to have fall classes so fingers crossed I can take it. In three short weeks I have seen a change in my strength, endurance and figure. I can honestly say I have pushed myself to the limit and I cannot wait to see what the final week will bring

Stay Tuned!