Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Get Physical

   Today was mine and Eddie's yearly physical.  For the first time in my life I was excited to get onto the doctor's scale, even though I weigh myself on ours a few times a week I wanted to go "on record" in their office as having lost weight rather than my usual gain. To be honest I wasn't sure what the numbers would be because for the past 3 years I have told them not to show or tell me the number on the scale and I would close my eyes, I had been in total denial of my constant weight gain and convinced myself  that if I didn't see it it wasn't actually real. Since January 2010 I have lost 26 lbs on their scale, which is great but I wasn't overly ecstatic because I feel I should have lost a lot more than that, I work so hard at watching what I eat (85% of the time, we all have our moments remember?) and cardio has become my best friend. Some people can loose 100 pounds in 8 months, why can't I be one of them?

      After the scale we walked to the exam room for my BP, EKG and blood work. My BP was 110/72 which has gone down from 120/80, not much but the nurse said she was happy that it has come down. My EKG looked good and blood work is never fun. I discussed some of my concerns with my doctor like having trouble loosing weight because I haven't lost any in a few months and I've found that I have been struggling with fatigue more frequently than usual. I have to wait on my blood results to know exactly what is going on but he noticed my thyroid is enlarged and that due to family history I may be pre-diabetic. Not really music to anyone's ears, but it could always be worse.

  I also asked my doctor what my maximum heart rate should be when doing high cardio. My HR monitor recomends 127-168 MAX but there has been times depending on the class/workout I am doing that it has reached as high at 190 (Power x) which had me concerned. Dr. C hasn't been asked this in a long time and wasn't sure how to properly calculate this so he did what every other technology savvy person would do and downloaded an app on his iPhone. I couldn't help but laugh that my doctor in the middle of my physical was using his phone to assist him, and he even said " what did we do before the app store? I'd have to go back to those things...what are they called? Oh books!"  Apparently for my age 195 would have my HR at 100% and it should not and cannot go higher than that, 168 would be 85% which is the equivilant to a stress test. As long as your heart doesn't stay at that high rate that is a good sign, for example mine can get up to 190 but comes right back down to 175 after a few seconds of lower impact cardio. Recovery time is just as important as monitoring your heart rate as they go hand in hand.
Towards the end of my physical we were discussing everything he was going to look over in my blood work and said " I didn't even recognize you when you walked in, you've lost so much weight. You look great!" As much as I enjoy compliments his just meant THAT much more since he is my doctor. I left there feeling great, and look forward to being even better for next years physical.

Yay for being healthy!



  1. Wonderful news! Great work, Carlyn!

  2. Just found your blog through Babylon Boot Camp but wanted to pass along something I've learned which is not to get too hung up on heart rate "shoulds" and "shouldn't"...You are young and if you feel like you are in a good but pushing yourself zone then you're fine. Have you checked your resting heart rate, first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed? You might have a high heart rate. I'm 30 and am in good shape and can easily hit 190+ on intense intervals. I have a naturally high resting heart rate. You can really truly figure out what your max is by doing something called a lactate threshold test. I did and it gave me 195, right exactly what I've found. But for my age charts say I'm in poor aerobic shape, and I'm not, I do triathlon training, run 24 minute 5k, run 6 miles regularly, etc. Just some advice! I like your blog, glad to have found it. I go to FI too but I don't think I've seen you there. Keep up the good work!