Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I fought the food and the food won...

Yesterday was an awful food day for me. I mean the worst I have had in a long long time. I felt guilty all day about having TWO cupcakes ( I am sharing this because I need to be held accountable for my actions) My co-worker/friend Callista makes the most amazing brownie s'more cupcakes, like better than Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker combined. My chocolate craving won the battle and I overindulged.

 I justified my actions by repeatedly telling myself "tonight is one of my longer workouts, I'll burn the extra cals off. I don't do this all the time, it's okay. I ate them early which is the best time to eat the bad foods." Talk about excuses!!

Then as I was getting ready to head out of work, gym bag in hand I got the bad news.

                                        The trains were suspended.

I wasn't going to make my class, I wasn't going home until who knows when. They closed Penn Station and I was stuck with hundreds of others.

So what did I do?

Found the nearest bar and drank 2 bud lights. By myself. Then I met up with my cousin who works a few blocks away and was also stranded and we went to Stout(another bar). There I had another beer and we ordered food....

                                    Wings and spinach & artichoke dip.

 Which was totally justified because we were stuck in NYC and everyone knows there are no healthy eateries in the city. DUH! 

Fast forward 4 hours and 3 trains later...we ended up in Long Beach and while waiting for a ride we discovered Tutti Fruiti--the most heavenly frozen yogurt bar on Long Island if I do say so myself. I treated myself to the smallest size they offered but at that point I was so over my caloric limit for the day it didn't even matter. So I had 2 flavors and 2 toppings::one consisted of cheesecake bites.

I am sure most of you are reading this and saying, "isn't this blog about a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy?" And the answer is Yes but the truth is shit happens and I am sharing it with you so you don't feel bad the next time you have a day or a few days like this.

   So this morning the trains were STILL not running on my line (of course) so what did I do? Woke up and got my booty in the gym. Cranked out a good 1.5 hr workout and I will be going back tonight for round 2.Every now and then there will be bad days, it's how you make up for them that matters. I am pretty embarassed with myself BUT I am not pretending it didn't happen and I am making today 200% better for it.



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