Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do the thing you think you cannot do....

   Power X-Week 2. 

   I went into week 2 feeling much calmer and more excited to see what our new challenges would be. The TRX & ViPR moves change every week in order to work different muscle groups and keep us guessing on what's next. Battling Ropes aka Death Ropes will always be the same 4 moves, which is totally fine with me because they're hard enough.
     My biggest challenge this week was on the TRX we had to do atomic pushups, tick tock with pike,lat pull and lat extension. The push-ups and pike were the hardest parts for me, due to lack of upper arm strength and a weak core I just couldn't do it. I tend to get so wrapped up in thoughts of "I can't do this," that it holds me back, I give up too quickly. Hopefully the TRX and I will become better friends and in time I will say " atomic push-up? LET'S DO THIS!" ::wishful thinking:: Here's some videos to better explain what we were doing

TRX Atomic Push Up
(clearly she has done this before)

 TRX Pike ( we had to tick tock side to side then pike)

 (we also did not do upward dog, but this chick is good!)

ViPR was my favorite again, probably because it's the easiest of the three, haha. I don't remember the actual names for all of the moves we did so bear with me as I try to describe them for you. First move we had to squat and move laterally, then we did lunges with a twist 2x and ended with a squat throw. The most challenging of the three moves was the first for me because you had to be quick and nimble, two things I am not with a 12lb weight.  I couldn't find an exact video clip of this move but picture us moving side to side instead of forward:

Picture this with the ViPR
(some videos are so hard to find!

Battling ropes were the same as last week...Jumping Jacks, the wave,battling rope slam and side to side. I was able to last longer than last week with every move which was awesome, however the intervals on every station were increased to :45 seconds so I still needed to take mini breaks. :45 may not sound like a long time but when you're working to your full athletic or lack of athlet potential it seems like eternity.

    The weather this week made the class even more fun because it was raining, we were all covered in grass,mud and goose poop(not so great) so it made it seem even more like a real bootcamp. All in all I left class feeling much better about myself, I know what I need to work on and look forward to next week. I even had to energy to jog a lap around the track after, woohoo! I also found out there will be another session of Power X starting for fall, you bet your bottoms I am signing up!


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