Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesdays!

 This is kind of similar to FIT Friday but it will be totally random. I may be loving a certain nailpolish color this week and next week it may be a hairstyle or a song or a scent or a recipe...etc etc you get the point. This week it's a website that was introduced to me this past weekend by my best friend who also happens to be my cousin, fellow veggie and someone who also shares my love of creating a new dish.

Now I know a few of my posts have been about food/recipes and this blog isn't only about that but I can't help it I LOVE FOOD...more importantly I LOVE GOOD FOOD! Good food meaning it tastes yummy and is healthy #WINNING! This site is tons of pictures of all different types of food, and if you click the picture it takes you to the accompanying website with the recipe. How awesome is that! I already found a bunch of recipes I am dying to make, first one will have to be the "Cheese,tomato & basil tart"

Get your booties over to that site and enjoy some "food porn"